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id02 | Skipping intro...
flashy fishy flash? sure we do, how many grams do you need? i agreed with dack (, utterly overused and seldom used well. took me a while to come up with some projects worth doing in flash. i must admit, i am liking it more & more... oh, these won't work unless you have at least version 5 of the macromedia shockwave flash plug-in! these are highly scripted and version 5 offers a better scripting environment.

where appropriate, a standalone version is provided for mac and pc platforms. these standalones add about 400k (uncompressed) to the .swf files.

respect to those who assisted. all feedback welcome. fading text, rotating graphics and zooming stuff are coming... :)

a functioning clock done in flash with simple adjustment to compensate for dls. (6.4k)
shaking experience
testing javascript/flash/browser communication methods. erratic! (3k)
overheard overnight
based on text by raquel rivera, an exercise in linear navigation using unrelated methods. (54k)
[ 001(20k), 002(40k) ]
test pattern
a quick test to see how small a .swf can be, also an alternative play version
biggest carrot of all
a series of colouring books
(first of many to come)
a-z, everything kim knows about font
(in progress)
merry christmas 2000
words by nemo, drawing by raquel, package by kim