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Thursday, 1st May 2003
I am switching from MoveableType to pMachine. Despite missing several features of MT, I think keeping articles within one database is a good idea and that I have grown more proficient with PM after helping Raquel with Please submit bug report

Tuesday, 5th November 2002
Sub 10 - My pixel font database of pixel fonts (screen fonts) and their matrix. This is not an extensive list and only contains fonts that are available to me. Feel free to contribute if you have created a screen font. (link)

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  • Lacanche Cluny range
  • Musso Pola or Lussino ice cream machine
  • Seasoned Eames Model 670
  • Micro registering screenprinting table
  • A set of Milwaukee power tools
  • Weber Performer gas assisted charcoal barbecue
  • Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker